Disappearing watermarks, powerful auto-complete, and more

Vihar Kurama
Posted by Vihar KuramaPublished on Sep 05, 2022
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Disappearing watermarks, powerful auto-complete, and more

In August, we let you turn off the Appsmith watermark, moved to Kubernetes-based deployments for reliability, turned widgets 40% faster, and made a bunch of usability updates. We also leaked a few preview screens for GraphQL as a datasource and we will announce availability of v1 anytime now. All in all, a feature- and performance-packed month.

Let’s recap.


Charts’ turn to say hello to Theming

You have used Themes with the new table, the Button, and the container widgets. In August, we brought theming to charts, too. Line, bar, and pie, our default charts, now follow the theme you set for your apps.

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#didyouknow we also support Fusion Charts natively in Appsmith. Learn how to use them in your apps here.

Powerful upgrades to auto-complete

Auto-complete now knows your variables within widgets and across JS Objects.

  • It now remembers local variables and also shows where you used them.

  • It doesn’t trip up on the Select, Button Group, and CheckBox widgets like it did before.

  • It also behaves more consistently on forms when you use mustaches.

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Peek-a-boo watermarks

For those of you who have put your money where your app is and still see the Appsmith logo, head over to your Admin page, check "Hide", and watch the watermark disappear. While you are at it, consider turning telemetry on so we can build and ship better. Win-win.

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Updates from Project Reskinning

  • Radio, Toggle, and Checkbox, useful and popular widgets, are now themed.

  • Your labels on the Rich Text Editor widget have moved out of the Property Pane and are now available on the widget itself.

  • Widget properties on the Property Pane are now grouped by content, style, and events.

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Controlled sync functions

There was a time when a function first written aync and then turned sync used to run on page load. That doesn’t happen anymore.

Securing your embeds

With great usability, comes great responsibility. So, while we now let you embed your apps in all domains by default, we recommend you don’t use this option and carefully allow domains and sub-domains to embed your apps.

Sun setting real-time commenting

While v1.7.13 is now sunsetted, we are excited about the future of collaboration inside Appsmith and will come back with a collaboration suite that addresses a range of your collab use cases.


Native GraphQL support

Your days without native GraphQL support inside Appsmith are numbered. Very soon, GraphQLphiles can use the query language as a supported datasource and write their queries like you would a REST API query.

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We will follow up with more soon.