Fundraising CRM


A pragmatic CRM that helps founders keep track of the investor conversations they have had, and details about the investor, fund and files shared. You can use it to mark next steps and prioritize conversations. We have found this system very useful personally for our fundraises. We chose to use a Google Sheets backend as that's where foudners end up keeping these notes usually. You can just authorize a sheet to get it working.

Steps to fork the App

  • Firstly, you should have an Appsmith account; if not, sign-up here (it's free)!
  • Now, open the Meeting Scheduler application template by clicking here. You'll find a fork button on the top-right of the application.
  • Click the fork button and fork it to you're organisation. Now you should see the application under your organisation.
Forking Investor CRM App

  • You should see data from a mock Google sheet that we created. You can learn more about the integration from this guide.
  • Lastly, you can make the app public and deploy it by clicking on the deploy button on the top-right.

Setting up Google Sheets Integration

  • Firstly, open the Investor CRM Sheet data source under the APIs section in the forked app.
  • Now click on continue to give Appsmith access to your Google account so that you could use your own Google Sheet for your Investor CRM application.
  • Next, make a copy of this excel sheet to your account with the name Investor CRM Sheet. You can do this by clicking on “Make a copy” under the File tab in the Google Sheet.
  • Now open the getInvestorDetails API in your forked application, update the link to the Google Sheet with yours and click the `Run` button on the top right. This should give you all the information from the copied google sheet.
  • Similarly, you'll have to update the Google Sheet link in editInvestorDetail, addInvestor APIs.
  • Now you should see the app working with your own Google Sheet!

To add fields of your own, you can update the excel sheet and re-run the APIs. Awesome, you now have your own CRM ready!