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For every referral, you get 15% of their license revenue for an entire year.

Why build internal apps with Appsmith?

Let your data talk

Build apps that fill gaps and data silos between SaaS platforms and various data sources.

Build apps 10x faster

Eliminate tedious steps in the app-building process. The Appsmith Way is streamlined for efficiency.

Bring ideas to life

Create visually appealing admin panels, dashboards, portals, back office apps.

Augment legacy systems

Extend existing apps to add functionality, clean up the UI, or improve performance, stability, and security.

Frequently asked questions

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When and how do I get paid?

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Once a company you refer becomes a paid Appsmith customer through your referral link within 90 days, you’ll get 15% for the upcoming 12 months. Rewards are paid out the month after a new customer pays their invoice. Find more details here.

How will I know if my referral has been successful?

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You’ll get an email from us when a company has signed up and again when they become an active customer.

How many companies can I refer?

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As many as you wish. There is no limit.

How do I track my referrals?

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You can see this information on your dashboard. Once you register to become an affiliate through this link, you will be able to view your dashboard.

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