Appsmith Partner Program

Unlock new opportunities and grow your business faster as an Appsmith partner.

Integrations with Appsmith

More leads

Expand your reach to our 10,000+ customers. Plus, you become a trusted and preferred partner for our customers' projects.

More revenue

Increase your business margins by using Appsmith. Get revenue-sharing opportunities as a partner-reseller.

More support

Innovate with us on our superior technology. Get access to premium partner support and services from our team.

Partner commitments

  • Train your team on Appsmith to become a certified partner

  • Assign dedicated resources to Appsmith projects

  • Take periodic meetings with our account managers

  • Actively promote Appsmith in your region and among your customer base

  • Contribute to our open-source product and our community

Partner commitments

Partner benefits

  • Access to Appsmith Business Edition

  • Up to 20% commission on Business Edition sales

  • Visibility and recognition as an official partner on our partner page

  • Direct connect with account managers to discuss strategic sales or any services issues

  • First-hand training and learning from Appsmith team

Partner benefits
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Appsmith is the essential front end for the stack of open-source tools we use to build better internal systems really really fast.

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Our partners

offer a wide range of services, apps and integrations, training, and custom solutions.

Services partners

Distinguish your offerings and grow your business as an Appsmith Services Partner. As our main services division, you'll provide exceptional consulting, sales, and technical services that let our joint customers quickly create custom business apps.

You get access to exclusive partner events, technical support, and collaboration with an Appsmith Partner Manager. We also provide training and extensive sales and marketing benefits to accelerate your success. When you work with us, you win with us as a team.

Technology partners

Our Technology Partners have best-in-class products and tools that can seamlessly integrate with Appsmith. As a Technology Partner, you will build integrations with Appsmith and work with us to promote the adoption of those integrations among our shared customers.

By working together on more integrated customer experiences, we’ll ensure our customers can build their most critical, custom business solutions easily. All our Technology Partners get free development instances and work with a Partner Manager on strategy alignment discussions and marketing.

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