Pay for exactly how much you use

Usage-based pricing at $0.40 per hour of usage.


For individual developers and small teams.
  • Unlimited users

  • Versioning with Git 3 repos

  • Google and GitHub SSO

  • 3 standard roles for access control

  • Embed public apps

  • Community support


For teams seeking more customisation and collaboration.
/ month
Includes 100 hours of usage
* Additional usage billed at $0.40 per hour, capped at $20 per user per month

Everything in Free, plus

  • Granular access controls by roles and attributes

  • Workflows Coming soon

  • Reusable packages

  • Custom branding

  • Datasource environments

  • Versioning with Git Unlimited repos

  • Audit logs

  • Priority support


For large teams with more security, scale, and support needs.
Contact sales for pricing

Everything in Business, plus

  • Okta, Auth0, Azure AD + any SAML, OIDC SSO

  • User provisioning and group sync through SCIM

  • Continuous delivery

  • Git branch protection and default branch configuration

  • Custom integrations

  • Airgapped edition

  • Managed hosting Managed cloud hosting on dedicated servers

  • Dedicated Support and SLAs


Our open-source low code application platform, available for free.
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Thousands of businesses scale faster and more efficiently by building on Appsmith.

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I tried several low-code solutions and Appsmith was the clear winner for our particular use case. The speed with which you can put together an internal tool is incredible. We've integrated it with our data warehouse, with Microsoft Teams, and with our logging, monitoring, and metrics infrastructure. 

David Adams,
David Adams

Compare features across different plans

Feature by
Custom pricing
Reusable packages
Custom code
Custom resources
UI themes
Custom branding
Appsmith branding
Deploy and manage
Custom domains
Versioning with Git
Continuous delivery
Git branch protection and default branch configuration
SSO and IDPs
Datasource environments
Backup and restore
High availability
Airgapped edition
User provisioning and group sync through SCIM
Managed hosting
Administer and secure
Audit logs
Access controls
Technical support
App development support
Migration of existing apps

Coming soon
Embed private apps

Unlimited repos
Okta, Auth0, Active Directory and any SAML, OIDC, OAuth
Anytime you want, synced to AWS S3
Managed hosting on Appsmith cloud (AWS and Azure)

Granular, customizable permissions by roles and attributes

Dedicated support team with custom SLAs
Dedicated customer solutions engineer

Frequently asked questions

What if we have users using the applications 24x7, how much will they get charged?

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We charge $0.4 per hour of usage. However, we do not charge for any usage that exceeds 50 hours for any given user. Therefore, the maximum you would pay for any user, even if they use the applications 24x7, is $20 per month, i.e. 50 hours x $0.4 per hour.

Do you measure usage by open Appsmith browser tabs?

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No, having open tabs in the background or the Appsmith browser window minimized doesn't count toward usage. Users can have as many Appsmith tabs as they want in their browser. The usage meter kicks in only when there is explicit user activity and pauses beyond an hour of inactivity.

How do you measure usage?

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Usage is measured per hour of activity per end-user irrespective of the number of apps, workspaces, devices, or even instances each user is logged into. An hourly session starts with a user-initiated action and lasts for the next 60 minutes, regardless of any activity during that period.

Who gets counted as a user when measuring usage?

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Anybody who uses the deployed app is counted as a user when measuring usage. Developers aren't charged for using Appsmith when building or editing an app. They are only counted as a user, and get charged, if they use or view a deployed app.

So, will you read my data in Appsmith apps to track usage?

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We don’t read app data at all neither do we read personally identifiable information. We only track the presence or absence of activity per user by a non-identifiable unique ID assigned to each user on Appsmith.

How do you price public apps?

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All users of public apps will be billed $0.40 per hour of usage. If you plan to build portals for external users or anticipate a large volume of public app usage, contact us.

How do I get started?

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You can start your Business trial by signing up on Once you sign up, you will get a license key along with instructions to setup Appsmith.

If you are interested in our Enterprise plan, please contact us here.

Can I use the same license key for multiple instances?

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Yes, you can set up multiple instances using the same license key. We will aggregate usage across all your instances.  

How do I track usage?

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Once you have purchased the subscription on, you will be able to see aggregated usage for your account across all your instances and users.

How will you bill me?

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Billing happens at the end of the month on the credit card you give us to start a trial. You will be sent an invoice via e-mail that you can also see on

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