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Small datasource - PostgreSQL


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This template is designed as an application for an e-commerce company that has to handle ad-hoc refund and delivery issues. The company's Order Management system handles all returns and delivery issues that are generated on their website and app, however, they often receive requests on the phone, and via email.

This tool enables the Customer Support team to address delivery discrepancies in their system, issue partial or full refunds initiate replacements and observe important statistics at a glance.

Highlights of the app

  • Dashboard showing important statistics and analysis
  • Search for customer by name, email, phone, and order id
  • View customer detail information and order history
  • View order details and take specific actions to manage the account
  • Refund, cancel, or update an order
  • Lookup delivery details
  • Initiate a return and replacement process
  • Add comments and notes to the order
  • Create a limited time coupon code specific to this user for their next purchase