Build back-office apps for any team incredibly fast.

Generate payment links dynamically by order_ID and customer_ID, automatically create invoices and receipts from database records, or upload CSVs to automatically create and delete vendor records with quick internal tools on Appsmith.

Build custom back-office apps with Appsmith

Why use Appsmith to build back-office apps

Replace spreadsheets without code.

Forget custom coding that spreadsheets mandate. Get functional, interactive, and modern trackers with Appsmith’s ready connectors to the most popular datasources, including Google Sheets, and a growing library of widgets.

Trigger automatic read + write by events.

No need to manually update or create new records anymore. With ready queries for most datasources and widgets that bind to them easily, you can track updates automatically and create new records easily.

Control access granularly out of the box.

Prevent unintended data accidents with granular access controls. Set access rules by department, seniority, and ownership or create custom roles and groups for fine-grained controls and stay on top of it all with audit logs.

Ready back-office apps in four steps

No writing custom code. No wrangling with spreadsheets or data. No debates about which database to use. Bring your data where it lives into Appsmith and customize with code wherever you want.

Connect your datasources in minutes

Use pre-built connectors for PostgresQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, Amazon S3, Airtable, REST APIs, and even GraphQL endpoints to bring your data from multiple data tables or entirely different datasources.

Drag and drop 45+ widgets to present data.

Choose from a growing library of widgets to present data how you want without needing front-end expertise. Get out-of-the-box triggers, styles, and themes to make back-office apps interactive and yours. Write JavaScript in widget props for even more customization.

Bind your data to the UI

Use built-in CRUD functionality or write simple queries in our editor to get your data working with widgets. Dynamically trigger updates with JavaScript in widget props or use our JavaScript IDE to build advanced interactivity. Get help coding right with autocomplete or easily debug errors with the Appsmith Debugger.

Deploy your back-office apps

Make your back-office apps live on our free, cloud-hosted version or to a platform of your choice via Docker or Kubernetes. Microsoft Azure coming soon.

Learn how to build back-office apps with Appsmith.

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