Build admin panels and tools for business users
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Appsmith helps developers build, and deploy custom internal tools within hours.

Create UI without HTML/CSS
Use widgets like data grids, charts, forms, file pickers, and more. Modify their properties using simple code.
Connect all your data
Connect with 1000+ SAAS APIs, multiple DBs, or any REST APIs. Import your API collection in a click.
Build collaboratively
Internal tools get built quicker on Appsmith because business users can give feedback and report bugs inside any internal tool.

Built for backend developers

Identity management
We ship with customizable permissions, access control, custom authentication, and audit logs.
Self-hosted first
We know you want to keep your data within your firewall. Deploy Appsmith on your AWS, GCP, or Azure instance.
Embeddable UI
Improve any legacy project by embedding new features in an iframe. It's easy to embed features or entire pages in old projects.
Database and API integrations
Connect to your internal APIs, or directly to your MySQL / PostgreSQL / MongoDb or to over 1000+ SAAS APIs.
Built for teams
Collaborate with your team in Appsmith. Get quick actionable feedback, debug production issues and hand off to your team all in one place!
Library of UI components.
Data grids with pagination & filters, type ahead input fields, custom charts, and more widgets. Wire all your logic using python or JS.

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What kind of apps can I build?
Appsmith is ideal for building apps that'll be used by internal users. These could be apps for business operations, customer support, or any kind of manual workflows that are behind a login. These kind of internal apps can be built quickly if you already have a database or APIs to connect with.
Can I write code inside Appsmith?
Yes, absolutely. You can write JS code anywhere inside the product within {{ }}. Trying to build business logic without code is excruciatingly painful. Appsmith bridges API and UI configurations with powerful code expressions to let you build apps the way you need them.
What is Appsmith's pricing model?
Appsmith is currently free to use for a limited time. Price plans will be announced soon. We are designing our pricing to be developer friendly with a generous free tier and plans that scale with usage. We'll probably charge you for every API request or every minute of app usage.
How can I add more functionality in Appsmith?
One of the biggest problems with a low code platform like Appsmith is that we could be missing a feature you desperately need. We're working on a way for you to be able to write custom react components and plugins to unblock you from any platform limitations. We also add new features every week. Please see our changelog for more.
Appsmith will be launching in a few months.
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