Developers like Appsmith

Ashok Varma
Developer turned entrepreneur.

I used to use terminal and Postman to run queries for sales demos. I replaced it with Appsmith. It took me an hour to create an app that connects to Hubspot and a Postgres instance.

Pratiksha Dake
Developer turned product manager. Stealth startup

The internal tools that I built with Appsmith have been critical in helping customer support agents resolve issues faster, & get access to critical data instantly without having to wait on developers.

Rahil Shah
CTO of a SAAS startup, ex-Twitter engg.

Our support team was depending on multiple tools to get all customer information. Arpit helped me build a single customer view tool that talked to Freshdesk, Fullstory, Chargebee, and Stripe. In 45 mins!

Built for developers with deadlines.

Create multi-page apps using UI widgets

Appsmith ships with 16 UI widgets. Every widget has useful properties like the table widget includes server-side/client-side search, filters, and server-side pagination, We include form input widgets like multi-select, auto-complete text input, radio buttons, and more. Chart types included are bar, pie, line, column, and area charts. Use Google map viewer to display location data.

Every UI widget has event based triggers like you can run an API 'onClick' of a button or search the table 'onSearchtextchange'. Use JS to write custom logic where necessary.

Connect to databases, REST APIs & GraphQL

Use our ready connectors for Postgres, Mongo, & MySQL. Connect UI widgets to DB queries without writing APIs. Please request for a DB connector on GitHub if you need something missing.

Import cURL commands or use GUI to connect to an API. Postman collection import coming soon. Cloud or self-hosted version of Appsmith proxies all requests to your backend, so no need to deal with ETL.

Open source & free for unlimited users.

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