Admin panels for your databases and data stores everyone can use

Create new memberships on Mongo, update a customer’s contact details on Salesforce, or delete older content from your CMS with a custom admin panel built on Appsmith in minutes.

Build SQL GUI with Appsmith in minutes

Why Appsmith for admin panels

Get an admin panel for any datasource in minutes.

With ready connectors to most popular datasources, built-in CRUD operations, and a growing library of widgets, you will wonder why you were building admin panels any other way.

Code when you want to, drag and drop when you don’t.

Write JavaScript anywhere in Appsmith to present data and add functionality that your end-users want. Or just drag and drop configurable widgets and style them on the fly.

Easily manage versions and deploy with ease.

Connect to your Git service and manage versions across local, dev, stage, and production environments. Deploy to the Appsmith cloud in clicks or to a cloud platform of your choice.

Ready admin panels in four steps

No writing boilerplate code. No frontend expertise needed. No unnecessary data wrangling. Just easy builds.

Connect your datasources in minutes

Use pre-built connectors for PostgresQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, Amazon S3, Airtable, REST APIs, and even GraphQL endpoints to bring your data from multiple data tables or entirely different datasources.

Drag and drop from 45+ widgets to present data

Choose from a growing library of widgets to present data how you want without needing front-end expertise. Get out-of-the-box triggers, styles, and themes to make your admin panel usable and yours. Write JavaScript in widget props for even more customization.

Bind your data to the UI

Use built-in CRUD functionality or write simple queries in our editor to get your data working with widgets. Dynamically trigger updates with JavaScript in widget props or use our JavaScript IDE to build advanced interactivity. Get help coding right with autocomplete or easily debug errors with the Appsmith Debugger.

Deploy your admin panel

Deploy on our free, cloud-hosted version or to a platform of your choice—Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, DigitalOcean, and Heroku. Microsoft Azure coming soon.


Get help with core Appsmith concepts or find answers to how do I questions.


Get live support from our team or ask and answer questions in our open-source community.


Watch video tutorials, live app-building demos, How Do I Do X, and get tips and tricks for your builds.

Get an admin panel today.

We’re open-source, and you can self-host Appsmith or use our cloud version—both free.