SCHMALZ+SCHÖN Reduced Custom App Development Time by 70%

PINELTA and Appsmith helped SCHMALZ+SCHÖN to revamp their digital processes and tackle data management and visibility. The results: centralized data, fewer manual processes, and more data-driven business decisions.

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Inconsistent and inaccurate data in the logistics industry often result in unpredictable disruptions in operations. This can cost businesses significant amounts of time, capital, and resources, which may even lead to their success or failure. Not proactively addressing these challenges can be a hassle in day-to-day operations, despite the impact it can have throughout the organization and its processes.

SCHMALZ+SCHÖN, a leading logistics group, faced challenges having lots of different software products in use both internally and with their customers. That led to inconsistent data that had to be maintained in various places across their organization. To address these pain points, they sought the expertise of PINELTA, a custom software development firm, to embark on a digital transformation journey using Appsmith.

Alexander Kurz, Co-Founder and CTO of PINELTA, shared his experience in developing various apps for clients, including SCHMALZ+SCHÖN. They began with proof of concept projects, which gradually transitioned to building fully functional apps using Appsmith.

PINELTA’s collaboration with SCHMALZ+SCHÖN

PINELTA is a custom software development firm founded in 2015. They specialize in providing digital solutions for their clients. The co-founders of PINELTA have a background in infrastructure and software development. Initially, they focused on app development projects for the financial services industry. However, over time, they shifted their focus to developing their own products for sale.

One notable client of PINELTA is SCHMALZ+SCHÖN, a well-established logistics group that has been operating since 1959. With 13 companies and approximately 795 employees with an annual turnover close to $200 million, SCHMALZ+SCHÖN aimed to improve their digital processes. PINELTA worked closely with them to understand their needs and address their specific pain points.


Lack of data visibility, disparate data sources, manual processes, and difficulties in tracking logistics information

One of the major problems before PINELTA started working with SCHMALZ+SCHÖN was the lack of operational visibility and disparate data sources. Each department within the organization had different answers to basic questions such as active fleet size, causing inconsistencies and difficulties in obtaining accurate and consolidated information.

They relied heavily on manual processes and paper-based workflows. Tasks such as printing, scanning, and re-scanning documents were common. Manual processes would not only consume time and resources, but also increased the risk of errors and inaccuracies in data management.

One area where SCHMALZ+SCHÖN faced challenges with data accuracy was in managing supplier addresses when receiving transport orders. As a large logistics company, having correct and consistent information about pickup and delivery locations is a crucial asset. However, different spellings of customer names and addresses made it difficult to provide consistent reports and gain further insights from their own data in order to support informed decisions.

These challenges highlighted the need for a robust solution to centralize data, automate workflows, and improve overall efficiency in logistics operations.


Addressing business challenges across different departments with custom apps to achieve a digital transformation

PINELTA set out to find a low-code platform that would facilitate SCHMALZ+SCHÖN to build their own applications and accelerate the process of digital transformation. After evaluating several options, they discovered Appsmith. What drew them to Appsmith was its responsive interface, extensive documentation, and the ability to write custom code when needed. PINELTA saw the potential for Appsmith to transform their development process and deliver better results to their customers.

To address the challenges SCHMALZ+SCHÖN was facing, PINELTA built custom apps that range from data visualization and tracking tools to HR management and project management. These applications aimed to provide a centralized platform with connectors to various databases, enabling users to access and combine different data sets.

PINELTA envisioned to facilitate and provide people within the organization to create and modify their own apps, allowing them to visualize and analyze data according to their specific needs. Recognizing the advantages of using a low-code platform for their digital transformation needs, PINELTA opted for Appsmith as it is a more efficient and flexible solution compared to traditional development methods.

With this approach, they can rapidly build UI prototypes and make design adjustments directly, eliminating the time-consuming wireframe or mock-up processes. This agile approach allows for quick iterations and customization of applications to meet the specific needs of SCHMALZ+SCHÖN, improving efficiency and expediting the development process.


Building customized applications to improve data accuracy, streamline processes, and facilitate informed decision-making within the organization

PINELTA built custom applications for SCHMALZ+SCHÖN tailored to different departments. One of these applications is an HR application for employee data management. It enables the HR department to efficiently manage employee data by visualizing employee information, editing data, and tracking changes. The application also automates the process of requesting and updating data, reducing manual effort and improving data accuracy.

Another application developed by PINELTA is a project management Kanban board. This application is designed to manage projects and visualize their progress. Users can track the value, status, and timeline of projects, as well as store relevant documents. It facilitates collaboration within the organization, contributing to improved project management and decision-making processes.

The most recent application developed by PINELTA is an application via which suppliers can place shipment orders for a specific customer of SCHMALZ+SCHÖN. The use of pre-filled master data significantly reduces the time for the supplier to place a shipment order, while the workflow ensures that SCHMALZ+SCHÖN receives a data set that is complete and in a standardized format. This significantly reduced the time and effort to gather all information that is needed to process a respective shipment order.

By working with Appsmith, PINELTA was able to deliver these applications 70% faster compared to developing them from scratch. Appsmith played a crucial role in automating previously cumbersome and time-consuming processes, enabling them to visualize data, streamline workflows, and gain insights into their operations. These applications, along with others developed by PINELTA, are part of a broader digital transformation initiative aimed at streamlining processes and improving data visibility throughout SCHMALZ+SCHÖN.

Appsmith helps small and large businesses improve efficiency and streamline processes

With Appsmith, your business can centralize data and automate workflows, improving overall efficiency. By connecting to multiple data sources and REST APIs, you can easily retrieve and consolidate data within a single app. This enables your organization to streamline processes, eliminate manual tasks, and gain valuable insights into operations.

Just like SCHMALZ+SCHÖN, you can experience improved data accuracy, streamlined workflows, and informed decision-making. Appsmith offers a user-friendly and easy-to-deploy platform with customizable features to meet your business's specific requirements. Sign up today to unlock the full potential of your development team.

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