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Internal tools for streaming data and high-volume analytics on Snowflake

Watch your Growth metrics in real-time, get alerts to failing transactions on your site, or monitor successful concurrent writes to Snowflake with dashboards and admin panels built in minutes on Appsmith.

Connect your Snowflake database in clicks, write simple queries to fetch your data, and bind it to a growing library of 45+ widgets from tables, charts, tabs, forms, a rich-text editor, and more. Give your end-users an easy interface to view and write records while ensuring not even you can cause accidental damage.

Deploy with confidence on our cloud or self-host our open source version on Digital Ocean, AWS ECS, AWS AMI, your Docker or your Kubernetes cluster.

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What you can do with Snowflake + Appsmith

Present + view data

Fetch your data with SELECT, build views with WHERE, and search across data tables in real-time.

Write to Snowflake

Use simple queries like INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE or custom code logic to insert, update, or delete records.

Paginate Snowflake data

Use LIMIT and OFFSET methods to paginate views.

Run and schedule bulk jobs

Write or edit multiple records to your Snowflake database.

Bring data from other tools

Trigger actions to other datasources or SaaS tools. Alternatively, stitch data from multiple datasources in the same UI.

Why Appsmith

Popular open source

Self-host the most popular open source app builder on the planet or deploy to our cloud. Get started in minutes on your Docker or Kubernetes clusters or choose one of our natively supported IaaS services.

Start quickly, deploy reliably

Start with our ready templates or fork them into existing builds. Manage multiple environments with ease and deploy fully functioning apps to production environments without breaking changes.

Only code when you want to

Drag-and-drop widgets to build your UI and bind data in seconds. Or go pro mode and write snippets or longer code anywhere in Appsmith, including on an in-built IDE for more complex CRUD actions.

With Appsmith, you can build any internal tool on top of your Snowflake data.

Other out of the box datasources

Build the apps you want with Appsmith.