Build custom customer service
software fast

Stuck with off-the-shelf customer service software that makes integrating customer data or automating custom processes difficult? Give your teams the custom support tools they need to effectively manage and improve your customer experience.

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Thousands of businesses scale faster and more efficiently by building on Appsmith.

Digitizing customer support is difficult

Customer support processes that span multiple systems and data sources are hard to fully digitize. The persistent digital gaps in service operations hurt agent productivity and customer satisfaction. Commercial SaaS solutions can’t easily integrate data or support custom processes. And the time and cost of building customer support tools from scratch is too high.


Our modern approach to low-code development makes it faster & easier

Appsmith's low code platform allows full-stack and backend developers, systems administrators, and data teams to quickly build customer dashboards, customer 360, and customer service software that spans multiple data sources. It helps companies fully digitize support operations, allowing agents to serve customers more quickly and effectively.


How it works

Connect data from any REST/GraphQL API or database
Drag and drop widgets to build responsive UI
Manipulate data, appearance, and business logic with JS
Manage branching, versions, and updates in Git

Why Appsmith for customer service software

Improve agent productivity

Integrate customer data from anywhere

Connect your app to any database, SaaS tool, or GraphQL/REST API in just a few clicks to create a comprehensive single customer view.

Resolve requests faster

Build a single UI for all your customer activities

No more context, tool, or tab switching to investigate or respond to support requests. Level up your customer experience by significantly reducing resolution times.

Extend existing customer support tools

Add custom features to your existing customer service software

Embed Appsmith interfaces into your existing software for customer support with shared authentications and access controls.

Enforce processes and policies

Get enterprise-grade security and governance

Bring your users (SCIM), logins (SSO), and access controls to any Appsmith app. Integrate with your SDLC processes to manage versions and merge updates. Self-host or deploy in the cloud.

Discover more

A modern approach to low-code development

Don’t try to fit your processes to off-the-shelf tools or spend months building from scratch. Get customization and speed both when you build with Appsmith.


Code-level flexibility and control for all aspects of app development.


Easy implementation and deployment without high cost or complexity.


Rapid time to value — start immediately and build functional apps in minutes.


Increase in customer service turnaround speed


Service requests automated


Less time needed to track down information

Build your custom support software


Free forever

Appsmith’s feature-rich core platform is free to use forever.


Usage-based pricing

Transparent and fair usage-based pricing. $0.40/hour capped at $20 per user per month.


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