Build custom extensions
for your enterprise apps

Extend core systems like Salesforce, SAP, Workday, ServiceNow with custom UI interfaces, new functionality, and tailor-made customization.

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Commercial SaaS stacks are growing rapidly

  • Teams use multiple specialized SaaS tools for different parts of processes and workflows.

  • SaaS bloat is expensive. Businesses now spend over $9k per employee on commercial SaaS.

  • Teams across a business must access and interact with critical business information stored in core systems like Salesforce or SAP.

  • Companies rely on business intelligence tools to bring together information across their systems.

Creating organizational and financial challenges

  • Often incompatible or poorly integrated, multiple SaaS tools end up creating data silos and complicating workflows.

  • IT leaders are looking to control costs by reducing seats, consolidating vendors, and improving efficiency.

  • Reducing seat licenses or spending on core systems without disrupting important processes is hard.

  • One-way BI tools don’t allow teams to fully interact with or update information. Implementation requires complex ETL and warehousing.

Build custom app extensions in Appsmith to reduce costs and increase productivity

Give support agents a customer 360° tool linking CRM, helpdesk, and issue tracking. Empower sales teams with integrated sales and order management apps bridging CRM and ERP. Access core system data across teams without extra licenses. Build it all 10X faster with Appsmith.

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Improve employee productivity

Integrate data from anywhere

Bring together information across multiple databases and SaaS platforms to create streamlined omnichannel experiences for employees.

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Reduce software costs

Limit expenses without limiting access

Give your teams all the access, functionality, and features they need for their day-to-day work without adding expensive seat licenses to multiple SaaS products.

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Do it in hours, not days

Build custom dashboards & UIs quickly

Easily build new custom interfaces using 45+ customizable widgets. Create beautiful and responsive UI in minutes without writing a single line of HTML/CSS.

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Stop relying on expensive consultants

Find developer resources easily

Manipulate data, appearance, and custom business logic using JavaScript instead of proprietary scripting languages or complex no-code “builders”.

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Enforce processes and policies

Get enterprise-grade security and governance

Bring your users (SCIM), logins (SSO), and access controls to any Appsmith app. Integrate with your SDLC processes to manage versions and merge updates. Self-host or deploy in the cloud.

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A better choice than SaaS platform SDKs
or no-code tools

Most major SaaS platforms offer SDKs and no-code “builders” that are designed to support extension development. However, their custom scripts and proprietary devops processes have a steep learning curve that often requires external consulting services.

Their UI builders, primarily geared towards “citizen developers”, are slow and difficult to customize, and they don’t easily facilitate connections across multiple systems.

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Thousands of businesses scale faster and more efficiently by building on Appsmith.

A modern approach to low-code development

Don’t try to fit your processes to off-the-shelf tools or spend months building from scratch. Get customization and speed both when you build with Appsmith.


Code-level flexibility and control for all aspects of app development.


Easy implementation and deployment without high cost or complexity.


Rapid time to value — start immediately and build functional apps in minutes.

Build your enterprise app extensions today


Free forever

Appsmith’s feature-rich core platform is free to use forever.


Usage-based pricing

Transparent and fair usage-based pricing. $0.40/hour capped at $20 per user per month.


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