Maintenance Order Management


Small datasource - PostgreSQL


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Consumer goods organizations get a lot of work/service orders every day. Being able to manage and assign the services effectively keeps a customer happy. It can help organizations manage their service schedules and work orders efficiently.

This app can be used to maintain and analyze the work/maintenance orders received. User can create new work orders or update an existing work order, as well as analyze the distribution of work orders for an agent.

Highlights of the app

  • Users (customers) can create a new work order.
  • Users (customers) can see all work orders created by them.
  • Users (agents) can see their work orders.
  • Users (agents) can update their work orders.
  • Users (admin) can see all the work orders.
  • Users (admin) can see orders agent wise.
  • Users (admin) can see the distribution of the equipment work orders per agent.