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Marketers need to have a good pulse on their customers to make an impact. Consistently communicating with customers without spamming them is an excellent way of gaining their trust. Marketing teams can use this customer communications portal template to reach out to customers using various channels. In this template, customers are categorized into mailing lists, which means that we will be able to send targeted communications.

The marketing team can edit the marketing lists, adding any customer who is not on a do not disturb list. This is to respect customer privacy while also giving the marketing team a completely dynamic mailing list. Learn more to know how you can create a digital marketing dashboard with Appsmith.

Highlights of the app

  • Customers are categorized into mailing lists, which can be selected from a server-side paginated list.
  • After selecting a list, users are presented with a list of customers. Once selected, the user can reach out to customers via the connect now button.
  • Upon trying to connect with the users, they are shown a modal through which they can connect to the users using Appsmith’s built-in SMTP functionality and a discord message.
  • Users can create a base message and then adjust it for email and discord. Each of these will be rich text files, and you can add a subject line for emails.
  • Users can also disable either emails or discord messages.
  • Users can also edit their customer list, create new customers, and make new marketing lists.
  • Customers on a do-not-disturb list will not be added to any lists, protecting their privacy as per their request.