Build Amazon S3 GUI in minutes.

Give your end users a simple, intuitive interface for file storage, sharing, and management, creating and managing S3 buckets, and more with a custom GUI for Amazon S3.

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What is an Amazon S3 GUI?

An Amazon S3 GUI is a visual interface that allows users to view, interact with, manage, and manipulate their Amazon S3 data easily instead of getting stuck with CLI tools or APIs.

Why Appsmith for Amazon S3 GUI

Visualize your data with a simple GUI.

Build quick GUIs on top of your data using configurable widgets like tables, buttons, forms, charts and many more. Use built-in CRUD functionality or write simple queries in our editor to bind your data with widgets.

Connect to the database of your choice.

Use our pre-built connectors like PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Snowflake, Amazon S3, Airtable, REST APIs, and even GraphQL endpoints to bring your data from multiple data tables.

Build any CRUD app on your database data.

Read, write, and update your data in minutes instead of hours. Give secure data access to your teams using the GUI and CRUD apps. Restrict access to data by user role where needed.

What more can you do with Appsmith?

Build your own S3 management console, backup and disaster recovery systems, data archiving and compliance solutions, ML and AI apps, or any internal tool on top of your Amazon S3 data 10X faster with Appsmith.

Reporting and analytics

Analyze data access patterns, find trends with storage usage, or generate any custom reports with data stored in S3 using our pre-built widgets such as tables, charts, forms, and more.

Get powerful features out of the box

Search through your data, filter it by attributes, and paginate it for performance with Appsmith native features that do these in clicks. Write JavaScript anywhere in Appsmith to transform your Amazon S3 data and trigger actions elsewhere.

Built-in access control and security

Stop users from unintentional data damage with built-in Granular Access Controls. Utilize Appsmith's Audit Logs to keep an eye on crucial events and restore to stable states from continuous backups.

Which industries use Amazon S3 GUIs the most?

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