Efficient Asset Tracking with Appsmith

Improve asset visibility and management by building a custom asset tracking system using Appsmith, designed to keep track of your valuable assets and reduce operational costs.

Asset Tracking system

Thousands of businesses scale faster and more efficiently by building on Appsmith.


What are the common features of an asset tracking system?

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Standard features of an asset tracking system include real-time asset location, inventory management, maintenance scheduling, and reporting. Appsmith facilitates the development of these features with its 45+ pre-built configurable widgets, drag-and-drop functionality, and a wide range of data connectors. Build your custom asset tracking system with minimal front-end and design expertise while ensuring a professional and intuitive user experience.

Why should one build an asset tracking system instead of buying one?

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Building an asset tracking system with Appsmith instead of buying one offers customization, cost-effectiveness, and enhanced data control. Users can create different solutions for displaying, transmitting, and capturing a myriad of information about their assets. Custom-built asset tracking systems can be tailored to organizations' specific requirements for equipment longevity and enhanced security. On the other hand, buying paid software with irrelevant features can be expensive and insufficient for business needs. Appsmith's open-source platform reduces ongoing licensing costs. Additionally, retaining control over your data minimizes risks associated with third-party data handling.

What are the challenges of building an asset tracking system?

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Challenges of building an asset tracking system include integrating multiple data sources, ensuring data accuracy, and maintaining data security. Users also need to have extensive programming knowledge for desired app creation. However, Appsmith's low-code platform helps developers overcome these challenges by providing a wide array of data connectors, customizable data visualization widgets, and granular access controls. Companies can easily build a secure, accurate, and adaptable asset-tracking system.

What teams use asset tracking systems?

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Asset tracking systems are commonly used by teams responsible for managing company assets, such as IT, operations, and logistics. These systems enable efficient asset utilization, streamlined maintenance, and improved cost management. A custom asset tracking system built with Appsmith can be designed to meet the specific needs of each team, maximizing effectiveness and efficiency.

Why Appsmith for Asset tracking system?

Custom Solutions for Efficient Asset Tracking

Managers can create custom solutions for their asset tracking system using pre-built widgets and a drag-and-drop interface. With proper metadata, they can build an organized system to track current asset value, depreciation, and more.

Integration with Third-party SaaS Services

With Appsmith, users can utilize pre-built connectors for third-party app integrations to build a custom asset-tracking solution. Connect with databases such as MongoDB and GraphQL with existing APIs for extended functioning.

Data Reporting and Analysis

Collect, organize, and analyze metadata on assets such as location and movement, use history, and damage to assets. Managers can use widgets such as form and charts for efficient data collection and visualization.

Do magic with widgets

Tables for Organization

The Table widget allows you to store asset data. Devise the maintenance schedule, assign tasks, and track inventory with a table widget.

Map for Location Tracking

The Map widget enables you to visualize your asset location. Add the Map widget and get an overview of all the locations you are managing your assets at.


The DatePicker widget assists in filtering data based on a particular date. Use dates to filter maintenance tasks, asset availability, and more.

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