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Appsmith allows you to create a customer experience dashboard with minimal coding. Get a unified view of your customer data that's easy to understand and act on. Gain valuable insights from the CX dashboard to improve customer experience and make informed decisions for your product development.

Appsmith CX Dashboard

in building a customer experience dashboard

Every customer is unique, and so are their requirements. We understand the importance of having insights into operational and behavioral data to improve customer journeys. Appsmith’s low-code platform helps in building a dashboard that tackles these challenges.

Integrating and analysing customer data from different sources is challenging

  • Bringing data together from different sources is challenging due to fragmented information across various systems.

  • Tracking the right metrics is complex but essential for understanding customer behavior and preferences.

  • Scattered data makes it difficult to obtain a cohesive view of the customer journey.

  • Poor metric tracking results in low satisfaction scores and retention rates.

Building a personalised experience with limited resources is difficult

  • Personalizing the customer experience is difficult with a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Availability of developers to build solutions from scratch is limited due to resource constraints.

  • Lack of personalization leads to low customer satisfaction and potential churn.

  • Development work for custom solutions is resource- and cost-intensive.

Build a tailored customer experience dashboard
with Appsmith

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Identify your requirements

Map your data across multiple platforms

Start by identifying desired outcomes like increased revenue or improved customer satisfaction, listing your tools and their data, and learning how to connect and map data from platforms like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, or Hubspot using a consistent unique ID.

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Bring all your data in one place

Connect your data with Appsmith

Connect your internal databases such as MySQL, Postgres, or MongoDB, external warehouses like Snowflake and Redshift, as well as any SaaS platform using REST and GraphQL APIs with just a few clicks.

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Create your dashboard

Build a custom UI with 45+ widgets

Drag-and-drop from 45+ widgets to build your dashboard. Write queries to fetch and integrate data. Enhance functionality with our JS editor, introduce graphs, control access, and add brand styling.

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Continue with your typical dev workflows

Test and deploy your application

Sync your CX dashboard to a git repository and use standard dev workflows to commit changes, review pull requests, and deploy with CI/CD.

How Appsmith resolves CX challenges
across industries


Build a CX dashboard of your financial services company using Appsmith. Enhance your budgeting, forecasting, and financial analysis capabilities, as well as your risk management capacity. This prevents fraudulent activities in overall financial planning and enhances customer service.


Build your CX dashboard to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. Visualize complex data sets and obtain real-time access to client data, policy details, and communication history to boost customer engagement and productivity. 


Build your CX dashboards for healthcare data with Appsmith. Monitor patient satisfaction, wait times, and appointment scheduling in real-time to improve overall healthcare experiences for patients within your organization.


Build CX dashboards for your retail business to track customer feedback, purchase history, and browsing behavior to create personalized and smooth shopping experiences. Improve the overall shopping experiences of your customers.


Create personalized CX dashboards for your logistic business to monitor inventory and delivery times, track customer feedback, and optimize logistics processes. This will enhance your supply chain and delivery operations and boost your customer satisfaction score.


Create CX dashboards using Appsmith to gain valuable insights into user behavior, feature usage, and customer feedback. Use this data to prioritize product development, improve onboarding, and reduce churn in your SaaS business.

With Appsmith, it just takes me like 10 seconds to find the user's information. Without the dashboard, I would have to connect to the database, write queries, and it would take me around two minutes to access our private network and get connected to the database. 

Florent B.
DevOps Engineer at Strapi, Strapi

How Appsmith differentiates from competitors
in creating CX dashboards


Complete access to the source code with no vendor lock-in restrictions

Usage-based pricing

Pricing starts at $0.4 per hour of usage, with no charges for developers

Developer community

Growing community of 5k+ Discord members and 30k+ stars on Github

Responsive UI

Single app for every device with intent-based layouts and responsive UI


Code-based workflows with native support for human-in-the-loop business processes.

AI capabilities

Connect to any LLM and integrate AI into your app in a few minutes

Build a tailored CX dashboard with Appsmith

Appsmith is a leading low-code platform used by companies like GSK, Dropbox, and Twilio. More than 100,000 developers use Appsmith to build internal tools. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the low-code approach better compared to the traditional approach of development for building a customer experience dashboard?

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Here are the core reasons why the low-code approach is better than the traditional one. 

  • Faster development: Low-code platforms offer pre-built connectors for databases and APIs, drag-drop interfaces to build UI, and visual development tools, which enable developers to build applications and dashboards. 

  • Lower cost: Low-code platforms reduce the need for professional developers to build applications or dashboards, significantly reducing costs.

  • Better collaboration: Low-code platforms enable developers and business users to collaborate more closely, which can help ensure that applications and dashboards align with business requirements and objectives.

Can we customize the CX dashboard as per our requirements?

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Yes, you can customize the CX dashboards using low-code platforms. Users can write in-line JavaScript or add reusable code blocks to extend their app's functionality, customize the UI, or write conditional logic. Developers and business users can also leverage Appsmith’s AI capabilities for writing code

Popular platforms like Appsmith offer integration with various data sources including traditional databases and REST/ GraphQL APIs. This allows you to gather and visualize data from different touchpoints, such as customer feedback, customer sentiment, support tickets, and social media. 

What are the best practices for designing a customer experience CX dashboard using a low-code platform?

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Here are the best practices when designing a CX dashboard using a low-code platform. 

  • Outline the objectives of your CX dashboard and identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) that help to measure and track your progress. 

  • Research the right low-code platform with the required features, integrations, and data connectors.

  • Aim for a clean and intuitive design that allows users to understand and interpret the data. Use clear labels, appropriate chart types, and consistent color schemes. 

  • It allows users to interact with the dashboard by filtering, sorting, and drilling down into the data. Offering customization makes it easy for users to access specific data. 

  • Ensure the data sources and integrations are set up properly and that the data is regularly updated and validated.