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Get a centralized location to manage and monitor your entire DevOps workflow, including configuration management, deployments, infrastructure, and performance. Build a DevOps admin panel to quickly and easily identify and resolve issues, and automate repetitive tasks.

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What is a DevOps admin panel?

A DevOps admin panel allows DevOps teams to manage and monitor various aspects of the DevOps workflow.

Why Appsmith for a DevOps admin panel

Connect to your datasource easily

Try our growing library of native integrations and connect quickly to popular databases like MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase, S3, Elasticsearch and many more.

Drag and drop, or code to build your admin panel

Drag and drop configurable widgets like tables, buttons, forms, charts and many more to build app UI. Write JavaScript anywhere in Appsmith to present data and add functionality your end-users want.

Easily manage versions and deploy with ease.

Connect to your Git service and manage versions across local, dev, stage, and production environments. Deploy to the Appsmith cloud in clicks or to a cloud platform of your choice. 

What more can you do with Appsmith?

Build custom DevOps dashboards, bugs and issues trackers, alerts and notifications apps or a deployment manager. Drag and drop you way to simple UIs, connect to your data in clicks, and focus only on your core, custom logic.

Monitor metrics that matter

Give both technical and non-technical teams an easy-to-understand view of the metrics they care about most. Aggregate metrics such as service deployment times, up and unscheduled downtime, bugs, errors, work items, backlogs, and more, from multiple observation tools to create actionable monitoring reports.

Make engineering more efficient

Enable frequent software releases and improve development speed and scalability for the entire engineering team. Let your dev team quickly identify and troubleshoot issues and give your executive teams a real-time view of performance impact as code changes are deployed to dev and test environments.

Authorize, control, and track

Share your DevOps admin panel with end users with a click. Control access based on user roles and display different data and functionality views to different users according to permission settings. Track key events using audit logs and use our built-in backup and restore options when needed.

Which industries use DevOps admin panels the most?

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