Empower Sales Teams with Appsmith

Boost your sales team's performance by creating a custom sales enablement software using Appsmith, designed to provide the right resources, content, and tools for closing deals.

Sales enablement software


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Why Appsmith for Sales enablement software?

Content management system for your software

Companies can build CMS for their sales enablement software to organize and access sales collateral such as presentations, proposals, and case studies. They can use Appsmith's low-code and drag-and-drop interface for easy development.

Effective Sales Reporting and Analytics

Users can leverage widgets such as form and charts for effective sales reporting and analytics. Companies can track the effectiveness of their sales efforts, including metrics such as lead conversion rates, revenue generated, and sales cycle length.

Third-party Integration for Sales Enablement

Companies can use Appsmith's pre-connectors to integrate with other tools and systems used by sales teams. Access customer relationship management (CRM) software and marketing automation platforms easily.

Do magic with widgets

Tables for Organization

The Table widget allows you to record sales metrics and assets. With table widgets, manage your critical sales data like contacts and accounts for better workflow.

Chart for Visualization

The Chart widget enables you to visualize your sales actively data. Add the chart widget to track leads and visualize sales campaign metrics.

Form Widget

The Form widget enables you to create interactive forms for data entry and editing. In a Sales enablement software, you can utilize the Form widget to capture lead information, update customer details, or facilitate data entry for sales-related activities. It provides various input field types, validation options, and data binding capabilities.

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