Optimize Supply Chains with Appsmith

Enhance visibility, efficiency, and collaboration in your supply chain by building a custom supply chain management system with Appsmith in no time.

Supply chain management system


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Why Appsmith for Supply chain management system?

Create Custom Solutions

Quickly create with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and pre-built widgets. Use customized components to optimize and streamline inventory tracking and order management.

Database Integration

Integrate with multiple databases seamlessly using Appsmith's pre-built connectors. It supports databases like Redshift, MySQL, MongoDB, and more.

Data Security

With Appsmith, retain full control over data and privacy with access management features. Apply role-based access and build a scalable app for your SCM needs.

Do magic with widgets

Table for Organized Data:

Utilize the Table widget to display inventory, orders, and supplier information in a structured format. Analyze trends and compare forecasts for better decision-making.

DatePicker for Organized Calendar

Implement the DatePicker widget for tracking order dates and scheduling deliveries. Filter supply chain data based on a date and perform validations of operations.

Dropdown for Customization

Leverage the Dropdown widget to select from the available values of your supply chain activities. Create user-friendly filters for product details, deliveries, and orders.

Expense management with Rowy and Appsmith


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