Create Engaging Virtual Events with Appsmith

Bring your virtual events to life by building a custom virtual event platform using Appsmith, tailored to deliver immersive experiences for your attendees.

Virtual event platform


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Why Appsmith for Virtual event platform?

Easy and Quick Platform Development

Build a custom virtual event platform with live streaming, video conferencing, and chatting facility using Appsmith's drag-and-drop interface and pre-built widgets. Event managers can eliminate the need for writing custom code for faster app development.

External Integration for SaaS Services

Connect with various databases and third-party SaaS apps through APIs and pre-connectors for social media management and communication. Access applications such as Google Sheets and Slack for effective organization.

Create User-friendly Software Interface

Using Appsmith's widgets and templates, event managers can create a user-friendly dashboard for virtual event management software. They can use widgets such as container for a clean interface.

Do magic with widgets

Table for Organized Data

The table widget organizes your data in rows and columns. Use the Table widget to display event schedules, attendee information, and ticket IDs in a structured format.

Video Widget for Media Functions

Implement the Video widget for embedding live streams and recorded sessions within the platform. Play with a variety of URLs, including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and SoundCloud.

Chats for Communication

Streamline communication among your team and customers with the Chats widget. Enable real-time communication and networking among attendees during events.

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