Build a warehouse shipping manager in minutes.

Build a simple interface to monitor and manage all your warehouse shipping operations. Help warehouse staff improve efficiency and productivity, and your business teams reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by helping automate and optimize the entire order shipping process.

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What is a warehouse shipping manager?

Warehouse shipping manager helps manage and automate the process of shipping goods from a warehouse or a distribution center to customers.

Why Appsmith for a warehouse shipping manager

Connect data from multiple datasources.

Connect to various data sources such as databases, REST APIs, and GraphQL servers. Define the data structure of your models, create relationships between them, and perform CRUD operations.

Code only when needed.

Use Appsmith’s visual drag-and-drop interface to design your portal’s UI. You can add different types of widgets, such as forms, tables, and charts, to your pages and customize their appearance using our theming options.

Automate your manual processes and deploy.

Integrate your portal with your internal stack, using Zapier, Webhooks, and more. After designing and connecting various pages on your portal, preview them easily in Appsmith. Then easily deploy your portal to Appsmith's cloud or a host of your choice.

What more can you do with Appsmith?

Build an inventory management system, an order processing tracker or a customer support tool. Ship it all 10X faster with Appsmith and save hundreds of developer hours.

Visualize and transform data as you wish

Let your end users visualize, interact with, and analyze important data and metrics, like order fulfilment rate, inventory turnover, returns rate, stockout rate and more using interactive widgets, generate reports based on different criteria, or review trends in real time.

Powerful built-in features

Search through data by order date or product id, filter by shipping costs, sort by average delivery times or compare weekly returns rate, labor costs, or shipping accuracy using Appsmith’s built-in features. Write JavaScript anywhere in Appsmith to transform your data and trigger actions elsewhere.

Authorize, track, and control

Access control based on user roles and display different data views to different users according to authorization settings. Utilize our built-in audit logs to keep track of important events and use backup and restore features as necessary.

Which industries use warehouse shipping management tools?

Expense management with Rowy and Appsmith


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