Zendesk and Jira with Appsmith

Build custom interfaces that integrate and extend Zendesk and Jira functionality to streamline customer support and development processes, and improve collaboration between teams

Create a unified dashboard for your Zendesk & Jira tickets

Seamlessly escalate and manage critical customer issues by combining Zendesk support tasks and Jira development tasks into an integrated dashboard. Allow support agents to link, track, review, and close issues in a single interface for greater visibility and faster resolution.


Build comprehensive analytics and monitor your SLAs

Create custom reports on top of integrated support/development data for comprehensive analysis of support processes. See which issues are dependent on development tasks, track completion times, customer satisfaction and other key SLAs.


Unlock business value

Cost-savings and efficiency

Reduce seat licenses and increase support agent productivity

Customer Satisfaction

Respond faster, provide timely updates, and resolve issues more quickly

Product Planning

Improve visibility into bugs and features that have the greatest customer impact

Thousands of businesses scale faster and more efficiently by building on Appsmith.

I tried several low-code solutions and Appsmith was the clear winner for our particular use case. The speed with which you can put together an internal tool is incredible. We've integrated it with our data warehouse, with Microsoft Teams, and with our logging, monitoring, and metrics infrastructure. 

David Adams,
David Adams

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