Build beautiful, responsive UI
in minutes

Drag and drop customizable widgets to build functional UI on top of your data without writing a single line of HTML/CSS

No frontend expertise? No problem

Rapidly assemble responsive UIs

Drag and drop tables, charts, inputs, buttons, and more to bring together fully functional user interfaces incredibly fast. Bind widgets to your APIs or database queries with just a few clicks.

A growing library of widgets for every use case

Use over 40 pre-built widgets designed to handle any internal process, data type, or UI. Group, dynamically size, and lay out components for intuitive presentations on any screen. 

Completely customizable

Widgets are production-ready out of the box, and can be easily styled to align with your themes or brand. Widget elements and actions can be fully customized with JavaScript, or completely custom widgets can be developed with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Explore our widgets

Display, edit, or transform data quickly from any API, application, or database

Data from any source of any size

Create richly-formatted tables using data from one or multiple data sources. Paginate and filter data on either the client or server side to maximize UI performance.

Fully formatted and interactive

Format and render images, dates, buttons, links and other data types. Sort, add, and update rows without any additional code.

Feature rich, flexible displays

Customize table look and feel down to the smallest detail with JavaScript. Allow users to search, filter, and download data directly within the widget.

Build beautiful data visualizations

Visualize key metrics and KPIs using a wide range of customizable chart widgets. Appsmith makes it easy to build actionable BI dashboards and admin panels.

Build your own custom widgets

Can’t find the specific widget you need in Appsmith’s library? It’s easy to build your own. Using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, you can create any custom widget that interacts natively within Appsmith apps.

Custom Widget

Organize your app UI in functional layouts

Configure one or multiple actions, execute queries, or call APIs on button clicks with built-in functionality

Use a growing library of customizable widgets to build custom applications 10X faster

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Thousands of businesses scale faster and more efficiently by building on Appsmith.

Give your teams the tools they need to move faster

Appsmith simplifies internal tool development for businesses. This helps to streamline operations, automate processes, and quickly integrate multiple apps and data while enhancing legacy apps with new features.