Appsmith Business: For teams who need more for their internal tools

Abhishek Nayak
Posted by Abhishek NayakPublished on Mar 27, 2023
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Announcing Appsmith Business • Hero

Today, we are announcing Appsmith Business, an upgrade designed for and in collaboration with businesses growing their usage of internal tools across teams. Appsmith Business unlocks security features essential to scaling such tools and lets you extend functionality of existing legacy, SaaS, and third-party tools with secure embeds.

Introducing more security, workflow, and extensibility

Since we started Appsmith, we have heard you ask for more flexibility with roles and a paper trail of activity inside your apps. We have also seen a need for more private Git repos as you roll more apps out to end users and embedding without having to make your apps public.


  • Instead of the three roles available in Appsmith Community—Administrator, Developer, and Viewer—, Appsmith Business now offers Granular Access Controls for endless customization down to the last permission level inside your apps.

    Customize permissions by roles down to the lowest permission level.
    • Admins can now configure builder or dev roles to only read from datasources without risking accidental damage from write operations.

    • They can contain editing of the app’s UI to just the canvas and keep queries + code locked.

    • They can create more restricted admin roles for individual workspaces and apps—useful to distribute app maintenance and management without risking the instance.

    • They can also offer just end-user access to groups of users without letting them share the app.


  • Audit logs let you see activity by events and drill down into the who, the what, and the when—helpful when you need to zero in on breaks and roll back to last known good states.

    Audit logs give you a paper trail of all activity in your Appsmith apps.
  • Speaking of roll backs, auto-backups to S3 are now available with custom schedules configurable directly from environment variables.

  • Appsmith Business also allows for high-availability instances that scale to end-user growth.


  • One of the biggest unlocks in Appsmith Business is embedding your Appsmith apps into legacy, SaaS, or other third-party apps, AKA the parent, without making them public. Private embeds with SSO let you borrow trust from the parent app for authorization and access to embedded Appsmith apps.

    An Appsmith app extends Salesforce and Front.
  • Two-way actions between Appsmith to the parent and back are now possible only with Appsmith Business.

  • Admins can now skin their end-user views to the logo and color of their choice for a more on-brand look and feel.


  • Users who have more than three apps on Appsmith and would like a private Git repo for each can now enjoy unlimited private repos with Business. This lets you maintain versions of each one of your apps without freeing up repo slots.

    Get past private repo limits in Appsmith Business and connect as many apps as you need to their own repos without making them public.
  • Soon, it will be possible to connect these repos to stage-specific environments like Stage, Prod, and more for easier code isolation and pre-production features.

Pricing that works for everyone

This announcement also formalizes our early usage-based pricing experiments with several of our Community editions’ users. Since we informally launched an upgrade over eight months ago, our users across team and company sizes have adopted and found success with the hybrid model that usage-based pricing capped at $20 per user per month enables.

We believe this model helps fair usage and increasing value for you while doing away with budget anxiety in these uncertain times.

See why and how we chose it over user-based pricing.

We continue to invest in Appsmith Community editions

Our community is at the heart of all we do and we continue to make improvements to both self-hosted and Cloud editions.

As always, we will keep you updated on Discord, Reddit, and Twitter.

Try Appsmith Business free for 15 days

All new Business instances, whether upgrading from a Community self-hosted instance or signing up for the first time, get a 15-day free trial.