Build & self-host internal apps

Appsmith is an open source framework to build admin panels, CRUD apps and workflows. Build everything you need, 10x faster.

Developers like using Appsmith

I used to use terminal and Postman to run queries for sales demos. I replaced it with Appsmith. It took me an hour to create an app that connects to Hubspot and a Postgres instance.

Ashok Varma
Developer turned entrepreneur.

The internal tools that I built with Appsmith have been critical in helping customer support agents resolve issues faster, & get access to critical data instantly without having to wait on developers.

Pratiksha Dake
Developer turned product manager. Stealth startup

Our support team was depending on multiple tools to get all customer information. Arpit helped me build a single customer view tool that talked to Freshdesk, Fullstory, Chargebee, and Stripe. In 45 mins!

Rahil Shah
CTO of a SAAS startup, ex-Twitter engg.

Built for developers with deadlines.


Build UI in Seconds

Tables, Charts, Grids and more. We've got them all. You don't work on the widget, the widget works for you.

Check out all our widgets here.


Connect to ANY database, REST API or GraphQL

Integrations with DynamoDB, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Amazon S3, MySQL, Postgres and more make it trivial to connect, read and write data.

Did we mention that we have cURL import and a API GUI that lets you connect to whatever source you want programmatically?

Check out our datasource integrations here


Create Dynamic Views

Load data into widgets using vanilla javascript and transform it within moustache. Code when necessary, we handle the detail and boilerplate.

Check out all our widgets here.


Deploy, share and collaborate with users

Deploy to the appsmith cloud or to your self-hosted instance at the click of a button. Invite other users to collaborate or use your application, all with specific permissions right out of the box.


Selfhost Appsmith

We're an opensource project. Selfhost all your internal apps easily.

Find us on GitHub or Discord. Contributions are welcome!

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