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  • Easily connect to popular databases and APIs

  • Quickly build UI with ready React-powered widgets

  • Customize and extend functionality with code

  • Deploy reliably, share with end-users securely



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Get beautiful UI in minutes.

Use 45+ ready widgets to fabricate your apps’ UI in drag-and-drops and clicks.


See a functional UI in one click or put together your own with out-of-the-box building blocks called widgets.

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Add more functionality for document viewing, rich media, code scans, and even custom charts.


Prettify with theming and custom branding that sticks throughout your app without custom code.

Build beautiful apps
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Bring in your data in three steps.

Quickly connect your database or API to Appsmith with connection templates and editable fields.


SQL, NoSQL, OLTPs, REST APIs, GraphQL—no matter where your data lives, Appsmith lets you access it in templatized and simple commands.

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Database- and API-native operations help test connections on the fly and prep your data for the build.

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Connect to a datasource once and reuse it for all your apps in your workspace.

Connect a datasource
Connect to any datasource using Appsmith

Code anywhere in Appsmith.

Write in-line JavaScript or reusable code blocks to extend your apps’ functionality.


Dynamically bind data or add logic in widget props with JS toggles.

Write JavaScript in Appsmith

Write reusable code blocks in an IDE-like editor with built-in autocomplete, multi-line editing, debugging, and linting.

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Use built-in JavaScript libraries to manipulate and transform data.

Build faster
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Build faster with templates.

Fork our customizable templates into new and existing apps. Streamline business operations, marketing, finance, human resources, and more.

Customer Support Dashboard
Customer Support

Customer support

An app to update refunds and delivery status of e-commerce orders.

PostgreSQL Admin Panel
Customer Support

PostgreSQL admin panel

Replace your pgAdmin with this template that comes with an-built SQL playground for your PostgreSQL database.

Inventory Management Dashboard Template

Inventory Management Dashboard

App to track inventory, reorder products, manage suppliers and transfer stock between warehouses.


Deploy reliably, share securely.

Deploy on our cloud or yours.

Get started quickly with our SOC2-compliant cloud or host Appsmith on premise, both free. Deploy to popular supported cloud platforms via Docker or Kubernetes.

Secure your sign-ups and logins.

Disable sign-ups or control them by approved domains. Use Google and GitHub OAuth, SAML, or OIDC from all popular providers for secure authentication and authorization.

Bring in your GitOps cadence.

Connect your Git hosting provider to Appsmith to restrict access, manage versions, and ensure compliance to processes.

Track activity and big changes.

See a fine-grained trail of user activity, events, and shares with audit logs. Stay on top of breaking changes and track back in time to last good states of your apps.

Control access and rights granularly.

Configure access by roles and groups for every entity, action, app, workspace, and instance with granular access controls for teams.

What are internal tools?

Internal tools are custom dashboards, admin panels, and CRUD apps that help automate processes and let your team talk to your databases and APIs without accidental damage.


Join the community

Ask and answer questions, request a new feature, find workarounds and learn from an active community of app builders. 


See our Community and Business Edition repos, stay informed about changes, and discover upcoming features.


Talk directly with our engineers, engage with the community, show off what you are building, and get just-in-time help.


Catch up with us on Release Jams, get live help on Community Calls, or take a peek under the hood with Engineering Talks.

Take Appsmith out for a spin

We're open-source, and you can self-host Appsmith or use our cloud version, both free.