Enhanced Slash Menu Command, Improved Text Selection, Enhancement to Git SSH Validation, and More!

Dessire Ugarte
Posted by Dessire UgartePublished on Jun 10, 2024
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Monthly Round-up Cover May

We're excited to share a few product updates, exciting events we had in May, and resources to improve your experience using your Appsmith apps. Get ready to explore everything that's new and improved in the world of Appsmith!

New things in Appsmith

Enhanced slash menu command

The command popup only displayed five queries from the property pane, and didn’t reflect all of the existing queries on the app page. We've improved this by introducing a Load more option within the popup. Now, users can access a full list of queries with a simple click. The new Load more feature mirrors the behaviour of the one-click binding.

Improved text selection in bottom tabs

Now it easier for users to select and copy text from error and response tabs. This is particularly useful for those who are troubleshooting an erroneous query and JS objects, and wish to search for solutions on platforms like Google or StackOverflow.

Previously, the tailwind CSS class select-none was applied throughout the application, preventing text selection in these areas. We've now added the select-text property to these containers, enabling users to easily select and copy text.

Enhancement to Git SSH validation regex

This update enhances data validation and allows custom usernames in the SSH address. While connecting to Git, Appsmith validates the SSH address pattern provided by the user. Previously, the system only accepted git as a username, rejecting any custom usernames.

If you missed these cool Appsmith events

  • Async JavaScript Demo: Code Screenshot Generator Feat. Openai, Baserow and Showcode.app - Async JavaScript is essential when transferring data between systems. In this workshop, Joseph demonstrates an advanced example of an application using async JS to build a code screenshot tool, designed for creating images for tutorials or social posts.

  • Appsmith Live Debugging Challenge - In development, not everything is polished on the first try. Sometimes we have to debug, as there are errors and not everything works as expected. In this session, we share how and which tools to use for debugging inside Appsmith.

  • Building a Qrcode Generator - QR Codes are a great way for businesses to share links with their customers. In this workshop, Joseph shows how to create a QR Code generator, and how to extract the image so it can be saved to a database or API.

  • Building A CSV to JSON Converter with the Papa Parse Javascript Library - Appsmith is excellent for building complex dashboards and apps with multiple data sources. However, it's also suitable for simple utilities, generators, and converters. In this workshop, Joseph demonstrates how to build a CSV to JSON converter using PapaParse.JS.

#JustPublished things

More things are coming soon

This is where we wrap up the highlights from May. To make the most of Appsmith and all these improvements, we encourage you to upgrade to v1.27 of Appsmith. You can check our release log for a complete list of new features and improvements in Appsmith.

An important event is coming in June; make sure to join us for our virtual event Appsmith DEPLOY. Learn how you can build high-impact apps that are fast, easy to use, and boost employee productivity. So, register now and mark your calendars for June 19th, 10am ET.

Catch you in the next update! 🫰