May Round-up: App Theming, New Copy Paste Experience, and Product Updates

Vihar Kurama
Posted by Vihar KuramaPublished on Jun 02, 2022
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May Round-up: App Theming, New Copy Paste Experience, and Product Updates

If you’ve followed Appsmith for a while, you know that we can do a lot in 30 days! I am here to give you all the deets; follow along!

Application Theming [Beta]

One of our most awaited features — App Theming — is now out! Style your pages and widgets using global controls. We've also made it easy to change the visual layout with a single click.

Note that while all apps support theming, changing the theme or customizing the theme may not update the app entirely for older apps. We’ve done this to prevent overriding any changes you may have already made while styling your widgets. (Note that, this is a beta feature at the moment, and we are going to be improving it in the coming weeks).

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Theming automatically updates multiple properties, including fonts, colors, borders, shadows, etc. All these properties can be configured from the property pane globally. Read the complete documentation here.

Discard Changes/ Delete Branch on Version Control

Version Control with Git is well-loved by Appsmith users, especially when working with teams. We’ve enhanced this feature by adding another option other than ‘commit’ to make it more flexible. Now you can discard changes on the current branch and reload the earlier, committed application. Additionally, you can also delete the stale or unused

Allowing Camera and Microphone on iFrame

Are you communicating to other websites from Appsmith? Our latest improvements will help you get the most out of it. All you have to do is use allow="camera; microphone" on the attributes to be able to access the camera/microphone on the iframe.

Making it easy for you on Windows using WSL

Have trouble setting up the Appsmith server on Windows? Don’t worry. We’ve worked on some documentation to help you contribute to Appsmith on Windows operating systems that use WSL; check it out here. Prerequisite MongoDB is included, along with detailed notes on building/running the code and how to set up your code editor.


New Copy Paste Experience

Duplicating widgets on Appsmith is now easier with the new-copy-paste experience. Here’s a quick summary of how it works:

When the layout widget is selected:

  • If the mouse pointer is not on the layout widget, the widget is pasted inside the layout widget at the bottom of the canvas.

  • If the mouse pointer is on the layout widget, the pasted widget will be aligned top-left of the mouse pointer inside the layout widget.

If the non-layout widget is selected, no matter where the mouse pointer is, It is pasted below the non-layout widget, and the widgets are aligned horizontally.

If the mouse pointer is on a widget and no widgets are selected, widgets will be posted below and are horizontally aligned.

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More Pages? View them all at once!

We’ve added a new option to resize the entity explorer page to view more pages at once. Just find the expander and extend it based on your comfort :)

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Total Records and Page Count on Table Header

More love to the table widget; we’ve just added total record count and page count on the table header.

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Better Way of Running JS Objects

We’ve revamped the way we run JS Objects from the JS Editor. Just put the cursor inside the function and hit the RUN button. The editor automatically identifies which function you’re working on; you can always use the shortcuts to make this easier!

Additionally, the page load functions can be configured from the Settings tab, just like how we do it from queries!

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Added top-level isValid property to JSONForm

Currently, the JSONForm widget has an isValid property inside the fieldState for each field. However, there is no top-level property to check all fields at once. With this update, we added an isValid property which can be used to check if the current form is valid (passes all validation) or not.

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Enhanced Map Widget

We’ve added a new property to the Map widget that lets us enable search location from Map without entering the coordinates. You can search directly on the map and display searched fields on other widgets without clicking on the Map widget.

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Collaborations, Technical Content, Videos & Tutorials

Last month was hectic! We’ve published a new video on how you can generate PDFs from Appsmith using APITemplate; not just this, we’ve successfully hosted a couple of live sessions.

  • In this Video, Confidence, our Developer Advocate, show us how you can build workflowto generate PDFs from Appsmith by consuming APIs from

  • Shams Mosowi from collaborated with us to demonstrate how we can build an expense management tool that employees can use to submit expenses for approval using Rowy as the backend.

  • Getting started with Version Control with Git on Appsmith? We’ve created a guide on how you can connect to a Git provider to version control Appsmith apps. Watch it here.

If you're curious about what we were up to, look no further and follow this link.

If you’re interested in using a database not listed on our website as an integration, please let us know about it by raising a PR on Github, and we will do our best to include it at the earliest.

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