Introducing Appsmith AI, Build Migration Tools, R2 & Airtable API, Performance Enhancements, and More!

Dessire Ugarte
Posted by Dessire UgartePublished on Mar 10, 2024
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Monthly Round-up Cover Feb

Get ready for a short but sweet monthly round-up, where we delve into the latest updates to Appsmith over the past month.

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New things in Appsmith

Appsmith AI

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AI is that it is a powerful business tool. It won't run your business for you, make decisions, or design your next product, but it will save you time and money if used effectively. For this reason, we've added support for AI natively in Appsmith.

Increase your teams' productivity and efficiency by quickly building intelligent chat, data, and document analysis tools powered by AI. Appsmith AI provides pre-built knowledge retrieval and other AI interactions, making it fast and easy to build highly functional applications tailored to your business.

Here's what makes Appsmith AI special:

  • Connects out of the box with major LLMs like OpenAI, Gemini, Anthropic, etc.

  • Offers pre-built AI actions for tasks like generating text, summarizing, classifying, and entity extraction.

  • Speeds up development with AI-generated SQL queries and JavaScript functions.

  • You can self-host any version of Appsmith and use our advanced SSO and access controls to secure data and manage LLM interactions.

We know it can be challenging for Appsmith developers to automate manual processes relying on human judgment. These processes cannot be fully automated as they involve rational judgment and decision-making on a case-to-case basis. Despite this, business heads constantly seek to optimize these manual processes in internal tools. To address this, Appsmith AI allows the generation of accurate and context-specific AI responses by allowing users to upload internal documents such as a Knowledge Base or SOP.

Small but impactful features and improvements

  • Workflow JavaScript Runs on Browser - We have enhanced data selection capabilities to include workflow actions and JavaScript actions. Stability in JavaScript action handling is improved by ensuring variables are always defined, preventing potential errors.

  • JavaScript Enabled by Default for 1 Click Binding - We have enhanced MultiSelect, Select, and Table widgets to support dynamic property paths, which improves their interaction with dynamic data sources. A new public method ChooseQuery(queryName: string) is introduced to facilitate selecting a query by name in the OneClickBinding class.

  • Performance Fix for generateDataTreeWidgetWithoutMeta -

    A new configuration option is introduced in the Table Widget to hide properties based on column types. State management in widgets using immer has been updated for better performance and reliability.

If you missed these cool Appsmith events

  • AI-powered outcomes for your business - Watch Abhishek Nayak and Arpit Mohan and special guest Shekhar Kirani, Partner at Accel, for a discussion about AI reality vs hype and how organizations can maximize the success of their AI initiatives.

  • Effortless File Uploads: How to manage files with R2 and Airtable API - Check out how Developer Relations Advocates Kevin Blanco and Joseph Petty integrate Cloudflare's R2 storage with Airtable API for seamless file handling and data management inside Appsmith.

  • Empowering Developers: Building Migration Tools with Appsmith - Data and application migration are constantly needed for businesses, but custom tool creation can be tedious and error-prone. Learn how Appsmith enables quick development of tailored migration tools, simplifying data source connection, on-the-fly data manipulation, and output to another destination.

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More things are coming soon

This is where we end the highlights from February. But as always, you can check our release log for a complete list of new features and improvements in Appsmith.

An important event is coming in March; make sure to join us for Appsmith BUILD. It will feature keynotes from our founders, a first look at game-changing new Appsmith features, discussions on reusability, working with Salesforce, and more! Appsmith customers will also share the challenges they faced before implementing Appsmith and their successes and achievements afterward. So, register now and mark your calendars for March 19th & 20th.

Catch you in the next update! 🫰