Build internal tools on top of your Databricks data in minutes

Create business intelligence dashboards, CRUD interfaces to manage Databricks data and metadata tables, or custom apps to support customer service, order management, and IT automation. 

Appsmith integrates with Databricks SQL, allowing you to write SQL queries against your Databricks warehouses without having to make REST API calls. Bind Databricks data to 45+ widgets from tables, charts, tabs, forms, a rich-text editor, and more. Give your team an easy interface to interact with data from Databricks with governance to  prevent errors or accidental damage. 

Deploy confidently to our cloud or self-host our on-prem open-source on Digital Ocean, AWS ECS, AWS AMI and more using our pre-built Docker and Kubernetes images.

Integration Hero Image-Databricks

What can you do with Databricks + Appsmith?

Present and view data

Fetch your Databricks data with SELECT, build views with WHERE, and search across data tables in real-time.

Write to Databricks

Use INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE queries to manipulate data in Databricks.

Run and schedule bulk jobs

Write or edit multiple records to your Databricks warehouse.

Bring data from other tools

Trigger actions to other datasources or SaaS tools. Alternatively, stitch data from multiple datasources in the same UI.

Why Appsmith?


Drag-and-drop widgets to build your UI and bind data in seconds. Write snippets or longer code anywhere in Appsmith to customize your apps. Import your own JS libraries, and integrate with Git for version control.


Self-host or deploy our open-source low code platform in the cloud. Get started in minutes on your Docker or Kubernetes clusters or choose one of our natively supported IaaS services.


Start with ready-made templates or fork them into existing builds. Manage multiple environments with ease and deploy fully functioning apps to production without breaking changes.

Build any custom application on top of your Databricks data with Appsmith

Get help with our Databricks integration docs and developer community

Other out-of-the-box data sources

Build the apps you want with Appsmith.