Meeting Scheduler


Scheduling team meeting without the hassle of back and forth conversations is passe. With this app, you can let anyone set up and create meetings. All you have to do is authorize your Google Calendar and share the app with anyone you would like to. You can completely customize the duration of meetings and let your friends and colleagues know when they can reach you. You can also add in multiple visitors, and if you have a meeting URL, you can also add that.

Schedule Team Meetings without the Hassle of Back-and-Forth Emails.

Key Highlights

  • Users can create unlimited custom meeting durations
  • Users can set their working hours on the settings page
  • You can schedule meetings at any available time while maintaining privacy
  • If you have a zoom account, you can add in meeting links, so no extra work is required
  • You can customize the meeting text to attach your meeting ID without any integration required.




Communication services

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