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Job-seeking and hiring for jobs are both complicated processes. It can become challenging to keep track of emails and follow up without a few applications falling through the cracks. A hiring management app strengthens recruiting processes. This hiring management template is a one-stop-shop for recruitment processes. A job seeker can send in a job application, reviewers and panelists can review the candidate's CV and qualifications, and then schedule an interview using Google Calendar API.

In this app, once an interview is scheduled, the job applicant can also give feedback to the recruiter using the link shared in the body of the invitation. This feedback page is also included in this application, where the interviewer can give their candid feedback and provide a rating to the candidate. The status can also reflect if the job applicant is getting placed or not.

With this actionable database of job applicants, communications about the interview outcome and communication regarding future openings become easy.

Highlights of the app

  • Job applicants can fill in a job application, attach their CV, and filling their personal and professional details.
  • When a candidate applies, they are added to a list of all applicants.
  • Users can view all applications, and the associated information, on the 'track applications' page. When a recruiter selects a user from this page, they can see their profile and adjust their status.
  • Applicants' interviews can be scheduled using the google calendar API
  • After the interview, users can submit their feedback. It is again accessible on the track applications page when the feedback is received.

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