Build an admin panel for your Firestore data in minutes

Break your users out of the Firebase console and into a custom interface that’s familiar. Let them work with your Firebase documents and collections without fearing drastic changes to your database.

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Why Appsmith for a Firebase admin panel

Connect to your datasource easily

Try our growing library of native integrations and connect quickly to popular databases like MongoDB, MySQL, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase, S3, Elasticsearch and many more.

Drag and drop, or code to build your admin panel

Drag and drop configurable widgets like tables, buttons, forms, charts and many more to build app UI. Write JavaScript anywhere in Appsmith to present data and add functionality your end-users want.

Easily manage versions and deploy with ease.

Connect to your Git service and manage versions across local, dev, stage, and production environments. Deploy to the Appsmith cloud in clicks or to a cloud platform of your choice. 

Do more with your Firestore data

Build a reusable Firebase dashboard that your entire team can use. Let users update, insert, or delete records intuitively on an interface that’s tailor-made to your brand.

Search, filter, sort and paginate

Search through your data, filter it by attributes, and paginate it for performance with Appsmith native features that help you ship in clicks. Unlock insights, track orders and deliveries, or add assets to your IT portal in minutes.

Built-in access control and security

Control access by user roles to ensure only authorized users log in to your Firestore admin panel. Make use of Appsmith’s Audit Logs to watch over critical events and restore to good states with continuous backups.

How to build an admin panel with Appsmith


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