Get a full-featured KYC dashboard in minutes.

Verify customer identities, run profile risk assessments, and review customer documents from a single, intuitive, custom dashboard built in minutes on Appsmith. Let your teams review customer records, add missing details, and update application status in seconds on an interactive app that's looks and feels yours. 

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What is a Know Your Customer (KYC) app?

Know Your Customer or KYC is a common process used by businesses to verify their customers' identities and to evaluate any potential risks related to them. A KYC app simplifies this process by offering an efficient way for customer onboarding, identity verification, customer data management, and more.

Why Appsmith for a KYC dashboard

Create dashboards in 30 minutes.

Use pre-built, configurable widgets such as charts (bar, line, pie charts, and more), tables, maps etc, to visualize your data as you want. With ready connectors to most popular datasources and a delightful IDE for queries, get your dashboard ready in minutes.

Bring in data from multiple datasources.

Connect to various datasources, including databases and APIs. Bind queries and JS Objects for different tables on one datasource or entirely different datasources to the same widgets as on your primary dashboard view.

Create stakeholder views and control access by role.

Customize stakeholder views on different pages of your app, make it interactive with drill-downs, and control access to data by role and groups. 

More KYC features with Appsmith

Reporting and analytics

Generate any custom report such as customer data and identity verification reports or due diligence reports with a click. Visualize and analyze data on customer account activities or risk profiles using different widgets such as tables, charts, and many more.

Workflow management

Automate all aspects of the KYC process with your own dashboard. Easily manage and monitor work progress including task assignments, approvals, and document reviews.

Online customer onboarding

Onboard your customers online, remotely and securely through your own custom app with web forms and media upload capabilities.

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