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Give your sales and marketing teams an aggregate view of the entire customer journey, various conversion funnels, SaaS sales funnel metrics, and the ability to gain important insights or drill down into each stage of the sales cycle. 

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What is a SaaS sales funnel dashboard?

A SaaS sales funnel dashboard is a visual representation of the stages of the customer journey in a SaaS business and the metrics associated with each stage. It is used to track the progress of leads through the funnel, identify areas of improvement, and measure the overall effectiveness of the sales process.

What are the common features of a SaaS sales funnel dashboard?

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Wondering what are some common features for a B2B SaaS sales funnel dashboard? Here are a few:

  • Metrics tracking: The ability to track key metrics such as the number of leads, conversion rates, average deal size, customer lifetime value, funnel velocity and more.

  • Lead tracking: The ability to track the progress of individual leads through the funnel and view detailed information such as lead source, lead score, and activity history.

  • Real-time data updates: Automatically update data in real-time, allowing teams to monitor progress and make data-driven decisions.

  • Drill-down capabilities: The ability to view detailed data on a specific stage of the funnel, such as drop-off rates, conversion rates, percentage changes in metrics for this stage over the last week and more.

  • Integration with other tools: The ability to integrate with other tools such as marketing automation software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, and analytics platforms.

  • Team collaboration: The ability for multiple team members to access and collaborate on the dashboard, allowing for cross-functional collaboration and better alignment.

  • Custom reporting: The ability to generate custom reports and export data to other platforms, allowing for in-depth analysis and integration with other business tools.

Why build a SaaS sales funnel dashboard instead of buying one?

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Many companies build their own SaaS sales funnel dashboards because:

  • They want to choose which metrics and funnel stages to track and display, and configure the dashboard in a way that aligns with their sales and marketing processes.

  • They want custom data visualization capabilities to represent the different stages of the funnel in a way that makes the most sense for their teams and processes.

  • Custom dashboards can be easily integrated with multiple other business tools such as marketing automation software, customer relationship management (CRM) software, analytics platforms, and more. This helps companies have a more comprehensive view of their B2B saas sales funnel and helps teams in making data-driven decisions.

  • Building a custom dashboard ensures that sensitive data remains within the company and is not shared with third-party vendors.

  • Custom dashboards can be cost-effective for companies with complex sales and marketing processes. The cost of using a readily available dashboard also usually increases with the number of integrations and customizations required.

  • Companies can use their custom dashboards to identify unique insights and optimize their sales funnel in a way that sets them apart from their competitors. This has a direct positive impact on company revenues.

What are the challenges of building a SaaS sales funnel dashboard?

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  • Building a custom dashboard requires technical expertise, including knowledge of data visualization, data analysis, user interface design and more.

  • Integrating data from a variety of sources can be complex and time-consuming.

  • Ensuring the data is accurate and up-to-date can be challenging, especially it is coming from multiple sources.

  • Custom dashboards require ongoing maintenance and updates to ensure they remain accurate and relevant as the business evolves.

  • Getting the sales team to adopt and use the dashboard effectively can be challenging, especially if the dashboard is not user-friendly or does not provide the information they need to do their jobs.

Which teams use a SaaS sales funnel dashboard the most?

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  • Sales teams: to track the performance of their sales activities and monitor the progression of leads through the sales funnel.

  • Marketing teams: to track the performance of their marketing campaigns and monitor the impact on the sales funnel.

  • Operations teams: to monitor the efficiency of the sales funnel, identify bottlenecks and optimize processes to drive better results.

  • Finance teams: to track the financial performance of the sales funnel and understand the impact of sales and marketing investments on the business.

  • Customer success teams: to monitor the progression of customer journeys and identify opportunities to improve customer retention and growth.

  • Management teams: to get a high-level view of the sales funnel, track key metrics and trends, and make strategic decisions to drive growth for the business.

Why Appsmith for a SaaS sales funnel dashboard

Create dashboards in 30 minutes.

Use pre-built, configurable widgets such as charts (bar, line, pie charts, and more), tables, maps etc, to visualize your data as you want. With ready connectors to most popular datasources and a delightful IDE for queries, get your dashboard ready in minutes. Easily use our marketing portal template.

Bring in data from multiple datasources.

Connect to various datasources, including databases and APIs. Bind queries and JS Objects for different tables on one datasource or entirely different datasources to the same widgets as on your primary dashboard view.

Create stakeholder views and control access by role.

Customize stakeholder views on different pages of your app, make it interactive with drill-downs, and control access to data by role and groups. 

What more can you do with Appsmith?

Connect data from everywhere

Easily integrate data from all your marketing and software tools into one app using our ready connectors for REST APIs or GraphQL. From website and product analytics to HubSpot and Salesforce data - connect to everything in clicks.

Get a unified view of your metrics and funnels

Build an intuitive, accurate, and aggregate view of all your metrics and funnel stages using ready widgets such as charts, graphs, tables and more. Generate custom reports, export data, or drill down into any funnel stage. 

Trigger custom actions and alerts

Set up alerts to team members or trigger custom actions to any third-party tool based on defined thresholds or when certain events occur, such as a drop in the number of leads or sudden changes to conversion rates.

Which industries use SaaS sales funnel or similar dashboards?

Travel and tourism
Financial services
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