AI Low-Code Application Development
Build AI-powered
apps for your business

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your teams by quickly building intelligent chat, data, and document analysis tools powered by AI.

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Integrate AI capabilities
into your custom internal applications in minutes

Quickly create custom interfaces, interact with any LLM, and connect to a broad range of data sources to develop highly-functional AI apps tailored for your business.

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Add AI actions to your apps

Seamlessly connect to any LLM

Integrate pre-built AI actions like text analysis and summary, image classification, and semantic search. Interact with LLMs from OpenAI, Google AI, Anthropic, and more.

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Build rich copilot experiences

Enable multi-turn conversations

Pair LLM chat functionality with custom JS objects and data to create threaded, contextual conversations or text generation within your apps.

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Provide contextual prompt intelligence

Make LLMs aware of relevant business data

Connect to any database or API to bring additional context into AI actions. Store embeddings in a vector database to support semantic search and recommendations.

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Safely manage AI interactions

Deploy with enterprise-grade security and governance

Bring your users (SCIM), logins (SSO), and access controls to any Appsmith app. Integrate with your CICD processes, and protect data with self-hosted deployments.

Beyond the hype - AI use cases that are delivering real business value

140 IT and development teams share how they’re integrating AI capabilities into their internal tools and business processes, and which ones are proving the highest returns.

What can you build with Appsmith + AI?

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Generate Text with Appsmith AI

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Add AI Text Classification to Your Apps

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Docsmith: A technical documentation authoring tool with Open AI

Build Apps that Extract Entities and Classify Images using AI


Build Apps that Extract Entities and Classify Images using AI

Build even faster with contextual AI help

Appsmith embeds AI copilots throughout the platform, allowing you to summon contextual help when and where it’s needed. Quickly generate queries, JS business logic, and UI customization with a “/ai” command.

Start building today

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