Announcing OpenAI Datasource Integration

 Bharath Natarajan
Posted by Bharath NatarajanPublished on Dec 03, 2023
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Announcing OpenAI Datasource Integration

AI is becoming increasingly popular as it enhances and streamlines the automation of application development, enabling developers to deliver and iterate more quickly. To improve the developer experience with Appsmith, we are thrilled to announce the integration of OpenAI APIs.

This integration allows developers to incorporate advanced AI functionalities into their applications, using Chat Completion, Embeddings, and Vision APIs to integrate AI actions that leverage multi-modal data within their internal tools.

Simplifying OpenAI API configuration

There has been a significant increase in builders creating AI-powered apps in recent months. As we closely followed their building journey, it became apparent that a considerable amount of their time was dedicated to configuring the OpenAI APIs, rather than focusing on the core business logic. Understanding this challenge, we set out to develop a native OpenAI integration that would cut down the initial setup process, allowing developers to accelerate the development of AI-powered apps.

A new and improved OpenAI integration

After hearing your feedback, here are the latest additions and enhacements available on this integration:

Chat Completion API

The API allows you to generate human-like text responses based on your input. With easy query setup and customizable parameters such as temperature and max tokens, you can create conversational experiences within your applications.

Embeddings API

Create numerical representations of text, which can be used for tasks such as semantic search or measuring text similarity. This enables you to enhance the search functionality and deliver more accurate results to your users.

Vision API

Analyze images and make intelligent predictions within your applications. By providing image URLs or Base64-encoded image strings as input, you can leverage the Vision API to improve image processing capabilities.


  • UI Component Integration: Bind your OpenAI API queries to Appsmith's UI components, like buttons, for smooth execution within your apps.

  • Result Display Widgets: Use Appsmith’s widgets like Labels, Texts, or Table Widgets to display the results from OpenAI APIs, enhancing the user interface and experience.

Get started and give it a try

To use OpenAI Datasource Integration in Appsmith, you need to follow a few steps:

  • Ensure you have your API keys from OpenAI.

  • Set up the OpenAI datasource in the Datasource tab and save your API key.

App dashboard screen with OpenAI datasource in the Datasource tab
  • Create and customize your queries for Chat Completion, Embeddings, or Vision APIs and integrate them with your application's UI.

You can also follow the steps detailed in our documentation and make sure you are using version v1.9.47 or above.

What comes next?

Next, we are working on integrating with Anthropic, the second most popular AI provider. This integration will include support for Anthropic's Claude model.

Stay tuned for the upcoming news on the AI capabilities of Appsmith. If you're new to Appsmith, you can get up and running with Appsmith in minutes for free on our cloud-hosted platform. If you have custom needs for your business, contact our team to discuss how Appsmith can meet your unique requirements.