Appsmith Project Now Has 1000 GitHub Stars

Arpit Mohan
Posted by Arpit MohanPublished on Nov 12, 2020
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SEO | Appsmith Project Now Has 1000 GitHub Stars

I announced the Appsmith project on for the first time on Aug 21st. While stars don't reflect the quality of a project, seeing 1K stars on our GitHub project makes me happy. 😺

Check out the project at:

A few reviews from developers:

In the past two months, we've seen thousands of users from 65 countries who've used Appsmith for building all sorts of internal apps and admin panels. We've also seen over 40 contributors who've reported issues and code.

We built Appsmith because there is no open-source platform that helps you build custom and beautiful internal tools or admin panels. Today Appsmith ships with 17 UI components, 7 database integrations, and a REST API connector. There's a lot more coming soon.

When should you use Appsmith?

An Appsmith user said this: "This tool is perfect when you need an admin panel that needs to query multiple data sources in the same UI, update values from one with the other, and even use values retrieved from both to query external APIs."

Try Appsmith at