Build a corporate KPI dashboard in minutes.

Ship a corporate KPI dashboard in minutes. Automate data collection, easily bring in data from multiple sources together, and visualize it in clicks with ready widgets to view key performance metrics, measure operational efficiency, track financial performance, and much more. Give your teams real-time insights to make informed, data-driven decisions and hit company targets. 

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What is a corporate KPI dashboard?

A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboard provides a quick, visual, and easy-to-understand overview of key metrics and data that is used to track and monitor the performance of a business, department, project, or individual against specific goals and targets.

Why Appsmith for a corporate KPI dashboard

Create dashboards in 30 minutes.

Use pre-built, configurable widgets such as charts (bar, line, pie charts, and more), tables, maps etc, to visualize your data as you want. With ready connectors to most popular datasources and a delightful IDE for queries, get your dashboard ready in minutes.

Bring in data from multiple datasources.

Connect to various datasources, including databases and APIs. Bind queries and JS Objects for different tables on one datasource or entirely different datasources to the same widgets as on your primary dashboard view.

Create stakeholder views and control access by role.

Customize stakeholder views on different pages of your app, make it interactive with drill-downs, and control access to data by role and groups. 

What more can you do with Appsmith?

Build a backoffice control panel, a hiring metrics dashboard, a DevOps admin panel, or a bugs and issues tracker. Streamline your internal processes and improve company productivity by shipping business-critical internal apps quickly with Appsmith.

Manage and visualize data easily

Let users visualize and interact with all the data and metrics using interactive widgets, generate reports based on custom filters and date ranges, or review data trends in real time by geography, team, or project. 

Bring data from multiple sources

Build one source of truth to track performance across teams by stitching together data from multiple datasources and SaaS tools. Add any custom functionality and controls you need using JavaScript. 

Trigger custom alerts and actions

Set up alerts and notifications to team members or trigger custom actions to any third-party tool based on defined thresholds or when performance deviates from established goals and targets.

Which industries use KPI and similar dashboards the most?

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