Introducing Workflows Beta: A Developer-Focused Approach to Automating Tasks for Your Business Apps

Akhil Varma
Posted by Akhil VarmaPublished on Mar 18, 2024
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Appsmith enables developers to create dashboards, admin panels, and custom applications to support their customers, IT teams, and other business operations. It allows developers to build user interfaces over backend data sources, bridging the gap between human users and complex data systems. However, we realize that our promise needs to be fulfilled because while we have sped up the creation of processes initiated by humans, there are many processes triggered by systems that are cumbersome to build.

We're excited to introduce Appsmith Workflows, a developer-focused platform for human-in-the-loop (HITL) workflows to address these requirements.

Developer-focused feature that automates tasks and orchestrates processes

Appsmith workflows combine the strengths of code-based and node-based systems to create a new approach. You can integrate external services through a user-friendly interface that abstracts away the complexities of APIs and authentication—empowering developers to focus on the logic and functionality of their workflows rather than the tedium of configuration.

At the same time, our approach avoids the visual clutter and inefficiencies of node-based tools by incorporating complex logic through JavaScript, giving developers the flexibility to handle sophisticated, nuanced processes beyond the capabilities of a purely visual approach.

Workflows are a developer-centric feature that provides a practical solution for automating business processes, enabling HITL and backend systems interactions, and integration with external services. They are designed to handle scenarios like:

  • Automate business-critical processes

You can automate critical tasks based on business rules and requirements. From ticket assignments in customer support workflows to complex data processing operations, Workflows streamline processes efficiently

  • Enable HITL interactions

Appsmith Workflows provides a native system for assigning HITL requests to specific users or groups. Targeted assignment ensures that the right operators receive alerts for tasks that demand their attention, optimizing response times and process flow.

These human interventions within automated processes facilitate informed decision-making, ensuring that human intelligence is effectively incorporated into automated workflows without compromising efficiency or security.

  • Write highly customizable workflows in code

With a code-first approach, you can orchestrate your business logic as you see fit. You can write workflow logic using the full power of JavaScript.

Get started enabling HITL interactions and automating critical processes

Here's how to automate a complex HITL order refund process with Appsmith Workflows.

In the following example, the business wants to automate all low-value refunds. However, they require their customer support agents to verify the authenticity of high-value refund requests. Follow the steps below to create this workflow:

How can you try out workflows beta?

Workflows are highly customizable and secure and offer end-to-end automation. They are designed to optimize business processes for improved productivity and efficiency.

We're excited to see which processes you'll automate with this feature. Workflows are currently in beta for the Business and Enterprise Edition. If you want to start automating your critical business processes, sign up for the beta program. For enterprise-grade support, contact our team.